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Recent Projects

At Knightley Architecture, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional designs that transform the way you live and experience your space. Our team is committed to bringing your vision to life with creativity and expertise. Check out our recent projects to see how we can help you achieve your dream space.


Sandylands Front View 24.6_edited.jpg

Sandylands is a modern new build, using innovative technologies wherever possible. 
The premium property enjoys a very large indoor swimming
 pool, a wine cellar and multiple balcony views back over Wadebridge , and the surrounding areas from its secluded location.


Based in a secluded valley near St Kew, this timber framed dwelling is to be self built by the client. With that in mind it had to be designed in a way we knew he could build it himself using methods he specialises in.

The design makes the most of the surrounding trees and faces south to let light flood the building through its double height entrance.

Lowarth 18.11.20.jpg
Eglos Piggery 3D View Rear.jpg

Eglos Piggery

The beautiful dwelling was designed to replace the ruins of the piggery that sit just outside of Wadebridge. The site has been abandoned for many year, the clients aim was to demolish and rebuild, creating breath taking views over the geese ponds. Whilst also removing the eye sore that welcomes you currently and replacing it with a blend of traditional and modern architecture that takes full advantage of its position.

Maenee Parc, St Tudy

A generous detached  four bedroom new build in the stunning development in St Tudy with great views from the bedroom balcony. The development features individual designs for each plot gives the site a true sense of personality.

Plot 2 Maenne Park 3D View.jpg

5 Travena Drive

This lovely project was for a close friend. The project was to create a new living space, bedroom and bathroom. The only option was up and a new roof was designed to incorporate the design brief. The result ticked every box and will create a wonderful family home for many years to come.

5 Trevena Drive 3D7.jpg
5 Travena No Balcony 3.jpg
Tristram 3D Single Storey.jpg


Tristram was a challenging application to get through planning due to its location, however planning was obtained after many design changes, and a delightful one bedroom annexe was created and finished to a great standard. Featuring vaulted ceilings and glazing to create a sense of space and light.

Torcrag, Camelford

This was an interesting new build in a secluded plot in Camelford. The job was made more challenging by the catchment on the River Camel and the subsequent planning embargo. This was however overcome and planning was obtained.

Lane End 3D1.jpg

Lane End, Porthcothan

This project was in the beautiful Porthcothan, the aim was to create an additional downstairs living space, bedroom and en-suite. A first floor balcony of the Master Bedroom was also created over half of the ground floor extension. Creating a wonderful addition to the characterful home.

hermitage 3d trees 6.jpg

The Hermitage

A project nestled away in a secluded site in Bodieve, Wadebridge. The Hermitage is a Modern twist on the agricultural barn. Blending privacy with breath taking views across the woodlands.

hermitage 3d timber flooring velux.jpg
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