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Architectural Design

The design process is a very personal experience and it is important that a good working relationship is formed from the outset. 

Below is the typical process in which we work.

  • Meet new clients for free consultation

  • Confirm fees and dates etc.

  • Accept brief

  • Carry out measured survey if required

  • Prepare draft drawings

  • Final design

  • Submit for Planning Approval

  • Attend and speak at Parish/Town Council meetings on behalf of client in required

  • Attend and speak at Planning Committee meeting if required

  • Prepare and Submit Building Control Applications

  • Send drawings to nominated builders for quotations

  • Recommend builders when requested

  • Carry out site inspections

  • We will also organise any external consultancy services that may be required.

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A Homebuyers Report/Survey, is the most common type of property survey available and can be used for all types of properties. It will flag major issues with your home, but won't cost as much as a more thorough survey.

When you buy a house, you take on a reasonable amount of risk. For example, you may buy a property only to later discover underlying structural issues that are going to cost you a big chunk of money in future repairs. Getting a Homebuyers Survey completed on any potential property you may purchase will remove a huge amount of this risk.

Although some of the issues that

we uncover may not be of a huge concern, having that information to hand will put you in a much better position to negotiate on the price and terms as you will know the future hassle and cost of buying that property.


A measured building survey is an accurate representation of your building showing all the structural elements and architectural features. Floor plans are essential to give an accurate representation of the building and this is backed up with elevations and cross sections presented as a scaled survey drawings.

Site Surveys can be carried out and plotted by us up to a certain scale of site providing a topographical survey. For larger sites we can arrange for this to be done by external consultants.


Completion Certificates

We undertake site inspections during the build process, and provide a completion certificate once the works are completed. These are essential for some mortgage companies.

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3D Modelling and Visualisation

We find this service really helps clients be able to visualise their projects. Where a lot of people struggle to read 2D plans, we can bring your projects to life with 3D views inside and out of your proposals.

about us

We offer drone photography and videography services for sites before and after construction. Additionally, we superimpose our proposed 3D models onto aerial photographs to visualize the potential outcome of the finished design on the location. Clients appreciate these as keepsakes, and they are also useful for planning applications. 

Our drones are also capable of capturing images of roofs or other areas that are difficult to access or inspect, aiding in the identification of repair or maintenance needs.

Please get in touch for booking our services.

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